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Diamond Hands is the largest Bitcoin and Lightning community in Japan.

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What We Do

We work together to push Lightning adoption and development in Japan and beyond.


Routing is the key foundation for efficient and stable Lightning payments

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Media and

We help educate more users and businesses about Lightning

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Open source development

We build Lightning products for ourselves as well as  for the broader community

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Diamond Hands community is supported by some of the top Bitcoin-focused companies.
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Routing community

Diamond Hands is one of the most vibrant routing communities in the world. We are passionate about running our own nodes and routing sats.

How to get started?

All the information you need to get started on routing is gathered on Diamond Hands Wiki(in Japanese)

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If you come across any issue or simply want to interact with other like-minded people, join our telegram group and dive deeper into the Lightning Network ecosytem.

Diamond Hands node

The Diamond Hands node is a hub node for the community. Connect to the DH node, route more transactions and get more sats rewards.

Media & research

Diamond Hands offer a weekly newsletter and open research content for the public.


Diamond Hands Magazine is the largest and most comprehensive Bitcoin-focused newsletter in Japanese.



We publish high quality research and summary reports to bring more users and businesses into the ecosystem


Open Source Development

Diamond Hands community contributes to open source development for Lightning


RGB is a scalable & confidential smart contracts system for Bitcoin & Lightning



PeerSwap enables all nodes to be their own swap provider.



Boltz enables trustless swaps between onchain and offchain bitcoins.


Other Projects

Projects by Diamond Hands community members


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Anybody can start running their own node at home and become part of the network today.

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